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Customized estate plans, trust administration, probate services and business succession plans that protect your loved ones and your vision.

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Meet Jonathon L. Petty

Attorney Jonathon L. Petty has been helping individuals, families and business owners in Fresno and the greater Central Valley since 2010. He designs custom, durable plans that help people protect their assets and avoid emotionally and financially draining conflicts. He also assists executors and heirs in the trust administration and probate process. As a former philosophy professor, Mr. Petty approaches estate planning with the same acute focus on people and relationships, and on finding innovative solutions that address unique needs.


“For me, estate planning is so important because it allows me to help you create your vision…to create a set of documents that meets your concerns and tells the story you wish to tell; ideally, to write the happy ending you want your legacy to represent.” — Attorney Jonathon L. Petty

Real Solutions For Real People

At the Estate Planning Law Office of Jonathon L. Petty, we don’t believe in squeezing clients into cookie cutter forms. Our clients are real people with individual concerns that require sound solutions. Whether you need basic documents such as a will or power of attorney, or need advanced estate planning for asset protection and tax planning, attorney Jonathon L. Petty will design a plan that works for you.

Estate Planning FAQs

What is estate planning and who needs it?

Estate planning simply means creating a plan for how your possessions will be transferred after you die. This includes assets such as your home, investment properties and personal property such as bank accounts, automobiles and other personal possessions. A good estate plan will help:

  • Minimize taxes to preserve how much your beneficiaries receive.
  • Reduce family conflict and minimize undue emotional stress.
  • Avoid the time and costs of probate court.
  • Provide clear end-of-life directives if you become incapacitated before passing away.

Every adult should consider an estate plan, regardless of their age and wealth. It is especially essential if you have minor children or a dependent with special needs. Estate planning can also help business owners protect themselves from tax liabilities and properly carry out succession plans.

How can an estate planning attorney help?

An estate planning attorney is an invaluable resource during the planning and execution process. They understand state and federal laws and can create a legally binding plan that helps avoid costly tax and legal issues. Common tasks that an estate planning attorney can help with are:

  • Creating a will
  • Setting up trusts
  • Designating an executor and beneficiaries
  • Establishing advance directives for end-of-life care (living will, power of attorney, health care instructions, etc.)
  • Advanced estate planning (addressing estate taxes, gift taxes, LLCs, capital gain, asset protection, etc.)
  • Trust administration

What is probate and how do I avoid it?

Probate is a legal process that occurs after a person dies. During probate, the court determines how to handle the person’s estate, including properly transferring property to heirs and ensuring all debts are paid. Probate can lead to unnecessary expenses, time delays and more. There are several ways to avoid probate in California. The Estate Planning Law Office of Jonathon L. Petty can help you efficiently navigate the probate and estate administration process.