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Personalized Probate Law Guidance And Trust Administration

The estate plan is the playbook for many financial and legal actions that must be taken after a loved one dies. A well-crafted estate plan that has considered your loved one’s goals and specific circumstances can make navigating the trust administration and probate process after their death much easier.

At the Estate Planning Law Office of Jonathon L. Petty, founding attorney Jonathon Petty has more than a dozen years of experience as a Fresno probate attorney. If you’re seeking to avoid probate, Mr. Petty is skilled at using innovative approaches to make your estate plan completely unique to your needs, including any challenges you may have related to passing your assets to the next generation in the manner you would prefer. He also helps individuals navigate the sometimes complex process of trust administration by helping trustees to properly transfer assets to trust beneficiaries.

How An Estate Plan Helps Carry Out Your Vision During Estate Administration

When your loved one passes away, much depends on whether they included a will as part of their estate planning. If they did, a probate court will determine the document’s legal standing, appoint an estate administrator, and set deadlines for the administrator to perform tasks such as collecting the assets, paying any outstanding debts or taxes, and distributing the assets to the beneficiaries. (If they did not leave a will, the court will oversee the process of paying debts and distributing assets according to the laws of intestate succession.)

Regardless of the size of the estate, a solid estate plan (including a will) can minimize the number of assets that have to pass through probate. Trusts can be one way to pass assets from one generation to another without going through probate; another tactic is ensuring that retirement accounts, savings accounts and life insurance policies have named beneficiaries. If the estate is relatively small – under $166,250 in assets in the deceased person’s name alone – California has a simplified probate process.

Even though having an estate plan in place often makes the trust administration or probate process easier, it is by no means easy if you are the designated estate administrator. Mr. Petty can advise you on the best ways to accomplish mandatory administration and probate tasks.

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